One country, ten destinations … to discover, enjoy and savor!

It’s time to embark on a unique journey. From clearing all your senses and allowing yourself to live an unforgettable experience…

Cape Verde, one archipelago, 10 magical islands “lost” in the middle of the Atlantic, each with its essence and peculiarities, but sharing a common ingredient: The “morabeza” of a people who will be happy to welcome you!

If you like white sand beaches, to lose sight of on the horizon, or to experience the sensation of feeling the texture of black sand in contact with your skin, to dive in warm waters all year round and to enjoy a beautiful sunset by the sea, or to lose yourself green valleys, to climb inhospitable mountains, in an intimate contact with the best nature has to offer, and even to climb to the top of an “asleep” volcano and having the feeling of being able to touch the sky… so pack your bags. Cabo Verde is waiting for you!