Away from the golden age of salt production that is at the origin of the name of the island, the salt pits of Pedra de Lume are part of the list of National Cultural Heritage of Cabo Verde and one of the must-visit places for those who visit the island. As a result of what remains of an old salt extraction, the place was rehabilitated and transformed into a tourist product, now visited daily by hundreds of tourists. At the entrance, a small grotto opens passage to the salt pits, known for their~medicinal properties, where, due to the high concentration of salt in the water, the bodies float to the surface. An unique experience. Near the salt pits you can get some natural cosmetic products made from salt to take away as souvenir. Near the salt pits you will find the still active fishing pier of Pedra de Lume with small boats that symbolize the sustenance of several families of this locality. Here is also the Lighthouse.