Crafts are intrinsically linked to the daily lives of people both in material and in the themes they address, so that variants likely to reproduce the realities of each island can be seen in them, in a diversity that enriches the national identity. Basketry in reed, cotton weaving and tapestries are expressions typical of local artisans of Cabo Verde. Other raw materials used are red clay to model the image of man and woman in their daily lives.
There are no limits to the imagination of craftsmen who are able to produce works of art in materials that could be seen as garbage, such as eggshell, the rags with which dolls are created for all types decoration. Noteworthy is also jewelery work in sea shells and the use of batik technique in dyeing fabrics, an activity with deep roots in Cabo Verde.
The Museum of Traditional Arts in Mindelo, is the privileged place of encounter with the most genuine expressions of Cabo Verde crafts. Its function is to contribute to research, training, production and marketing of the most diverse expressions of national crafts.
St. Vincent is in fact the island with greater vitality in the craft area, followed by Boavista, Sal, Santiago and Santo Antão.