Cape Verdean arts reflect the strength and identity of the country’s culture, projecting it also abroad through its popular, interventional, humanist and universal vocations. Likewise the artists of Cabo Verde reflect the cosmopolitanism and the exchange of
experiences of a country located at the center of the Atlantic and open to the world. Leo Lopes is a reference as far as Cabo Verde arts is concerned. Ceramist, graphic artist, photographer, animator at cultural space Galeria Alternativa and mentor of the magazine, Leão Lopes is a versatile, modernist and futuristic artist, features hat give him a reputation in the islands and abroad. Other names of artists stand out in the country today, namely Kiki Lima, Tchale Figueira, Bela Duarte, an artist on tapestry, Tutu Sousa, Luisa Queiroz, Manuel Figueira, Mizzah and David Levy Lima, among others. They are authors of works that reflect the Cape Verdean social dimension with incursions through a fantastic imagination that also drinks from the ancestral sources o popular culture, projecting it with new forms and aesthetic concepts.