Lovers of long walks will find many good reasons to feel rewarded by visiting São Nicolau. Climbing from Ribeira da Prata, in the Municipality of Tarrafal, to Monte Gordo Natural Park, at 1312 meters above sea level, shall be unforgettable due to the landscapes, the beautiful plant species near the edge of the trails, losing sight of the horizon into the open sea where, on favorable days, one can see the silhouettes of some northern islands of the archipelago.

Trails to explore:
Ribeira Brava, Cachação, Cabeçalinha, Calejão – a 10 – kilometer itinerary worth a minimum
of four hour-walk;
Cachação, Monte Gordo – 5 kilometer- itinerary worth a 2 hour-walk;
Fajã de Baixo, Fragata, Ribeira da Prata – 6 – kilometer itinerary worth a 3 hour-walk.


Some of the beaches on the island of São Nicolau, specially the black sandy ones are very rich in iodine and titanium so they are recommended by doctors as treatment for arthritis and rheumatic diseases.