The image of the Fogo Peak dominates the island with magnetism. It is as if all roads head towards Chã das Caldeiras, a village isolated from the world in the vast crater of the volcano, surrounded by the black of the lavas. The vines heroically break the lava and produce grapes, from which the Manecom wine is produced, a rare flavor that Cabo Verde offers the world, about to become World Heritage of Taste. Walkers can venture up to the top of the volcano, a journey which lasts for four hours. The volcano is active – the last eruption took place in November 2014 – and the signs of this life are as attractive
as disturbing. The resistant vines were introduced in the nineteenth century by the exotic Duke of Montrond, a French citizen who arrived in Fogo and settled in Chã das Caldeiras, distributing
his personal seed in such a way that that he left African citizens with light skin and blue eyes in this part of the world. The Forest of Monte Velho is also a surprising place, where the acacias live with eucalyptus and jacaranda trees, breaking the harsh landscape. TREKKING


With almost three thousand meters of altitude, climbing to the top of the volcano from Chã das Caldeiras is an unforgettable experience for all those who never tire themselves of living different and unique sensations in life. The landscape is pitch-black, rugged, moonlike, and yet fertile …

The routes for walkers are traced as if they are embedded in the mountains. Step by step, the discovery of unheard landscapes is done by inhaling the aroma of the coffee plantations and of the vineyards that are exclusive of Fogo Island. The coffee plantations and vineyards are accessible to the visitors who can take advantage of those moments to taste produce grown in these volcanic areas, benefiting from microclimates that have no parallel in the world.