Boa Vista, Sal and Maio. Three paradises on earth, so close, here in Cabo Verde. Beaches of white sand to lose sight of on the horizon, some deserted, virgins… pure! Warm waters, translucent, sometimes a turquoise blue to resemble true gemstones. Ever imagined diving with fish and letting your body go at the waves will? All this, while the sun shines high practically 365 days a year. They are the “Islands of the Sun”, for those who do not dispense unique moments by the sea or long walks by the sand, while picking up shells. If you prefer, you can also surf the waves, do paddle, or venture into windsurf or kitesurf. There are no limits in paradise, just use your imagination and activities are not lacking for those who are in love with the sun and the sea. On the islands of the Sun, a good book will always be a good company!