If Cabo Verde postcards were once crowned by the paradisiacal beaches of the island of Sal, in recent years, the island of Boa Vista has also been affirmed as one of the favorite destinations of tourists who seek to enjoy the charms that the “Sun & Sea” have to offer
to those who visit Cabo Verde.

Discovered on May 3rd, 1480, the island of Boa Vista holds a history rich in culture and traditions, such as weaving, ceramics, music and literature, aside from the beautiful white sand beaches, which extend for over 55 Kilometers and offer a diversity of nautical sports, from diving, to discover the treasures of sunken and stranded ships, to windsurfing.

To talk about Boa Vista is to talk about the ruins of the Curral Velho and the Viana Desert to be exploited. An inhospitable and even lunar scenery. There are those who call it the extension of the Sahara, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where white sand dunes stretching for 5 kilometers, which make Boa Vista offer a landscape diversity beyond its paradisiacal beaches.



Boa Vista has a wide range of accommodation, both inside and outside the city of Sal Rei. Hotels, condominiums, aparthotels and all inclusive resorts. Offers for all tastes and financial availabilities, but the ideal is to book reservations before arriving at the island.



There are several restaurants and cafes / bars in the city, some themed, where you can enjoy a breakfast, or a good meal, mainly based on fish and shellfish. There are restaurants next to the sea area, ideals for a hot summer night. Offers do not lack, you just have to choose.



There are at least two local markets, where you can find varied handicrafts, from Cabo Verde to West African Coast parts, in the center of the city. Aside from the markets, there are several souvenir shops in Sal Rei, including at the airport.



Similarly to the island of Maio and Sal, much of the beauty and enchantment of the island of Boa Vista is due to its beautiful beaches. Some really close to the city like Cruz Beach, or Estoril beach, others more deserted and virgin, like Santa Monica, and others even with stranded boats like the Cape of Santa Maria.

Swimming, diving, paddling or windsurfing. The really hard part is choosing. Therefore, it is best to venture, preferably with a guide, on a trip around the main beaches of the island. Do not forget the hat and sunscreen. The sun of Boa Vista is strong and shines throughout the day. Watch out for unguarded waves and beaches. At Santa Monica they impose respect.