The island of Santa Luzia is the only uninhabited of the country and therefore the most virgin pearl of the islands. But rumor has it that it came to welcome a small farming community in the 19th century. XVIII, now delivered to nature in its pure state.

A natural reserve that extends for over 35 km2, and where two endemic species of birds live: Calhandra do Raso and Cagarra of Cape Verde. But its coastline is very rich and vast in different species, including fish and coral reefs.
Santa Luzia is also known for the great activity of whales, dolphins and turtles. It is common for fishermen to fish along its coast and stay overnight on the island.

Here you can only arrive by boat and with the proper authorization of the Maritime
Agency of Cabo Verde. The richness of fauna and flora make Santa Luzia very popular for studies and scientific investigations.