They are called “the islands of the Senses” … And it makes sense. Santo Antão, São Nicolau, Fogo and Brava add up to the Cabo Verdean essence the dowries that only nature in its whims and fullness may grant, and the knowledge and feelings of men and women shaped by it in a harmony that the centuries rendered consistent. Islands of the senses and feelings: sad sôdade of São Nicolau shared throughout the islands, the courage needed in Santo Antão to break the isolation imposed by geography, the creative imagination of Fogo in its relationship with a volcano still so restless, loneliness that can be beautiful as it is in Brava, beautiful as the tissues that were once colored with the archil or urzela from its slopes.
If you expect more than sea-bathing in your trips, and want to venture in nature, explore what is still rare and unusual in it, if you prefer that, which in the imperfection of the unfinished terms, is called “eco-tourism” or “alternative tourism”, the Islands of the Senses are waiting for you in Cabo Verde.