The sea surrounds it, offering fishing as on any other island. However, it’s the land thatmost distinguishes it from the other islands because it feeds the body with an unusualgenerosity, compared to the neighboring islands, as well as the eyes and the soul, beingpalette of a diversity of landscapes that makes the most creativepainter jealous..

The temptation to go further, to the heart of the nature of Santo Antão, is awakening. To access to it there is a network of paths and trails which unveil the valleys dug by erosion in young volcanoes, not all of them considered extinct, the dark vastness of basalt, the mysterious pots, and the noble mountains of the island, among which Tope da Coroa stands out, a two thousand meter giant, and it is good to see the sea in the distance, when circumstances allow it. The temptation of Santo Antão runs the world and increasingly attracts people from many backgrounds. It’s known as ecotourism, adventure, but all terms come together in the idea of a meeting with peace of mind, although healthily fatiguing the body.

There is one Hotel in Ponta do Sol, as well as boarding-houses of good quality with differentprices in Porto Novo, Ribeira Grande Ponta do Sol, Tarrafal and other communities.


The island’s gastronomy is very rich and based on a great variety of fish and meat dishes. One of the most traditional and appreciated dishes is caldeirada de cabrito, goat meat stew and beans. Traditional comfiture and pastry is also very rich and tasty, Paul, Vila das Pombas with special recipes such as sugar-cane syrup cake, banana pudding, etc. Make sure you’ll taste the famous local alcoholic drink – grogue – considered to be the best of the whole archipelago.

There is a reasonable offer of restaurants, but you may also takeyour meals in the lodging places, if you want.


Santo Antão produces the most famous grog (sugar cane rum) of the archipelago. This alcoholic beverage is known as the rum Cape Verde.

This and other commercial and craft products can be found in Paul and Ribeira Grande.

The visitor should not miss the opportunity to taste and buy goat cheese made in Santo Antão, a unique product distinguished as World Heritage in taste few years ago.