It is one of the largest islands of the Cabo Verde archipelago and also one of the flattest. It is surrounded by islets that are the delight of lovers of nature and diving; and on the edge that surrounds it, 55 kilometers of stunning white sand beaches and crystalline waters were measured. Not surprisingly, once the salt industry was extinct, the island of Boavista is becoming one of the archipelago’s tourist El Dorado, following the fate of the neighboring island of Sal, taking advantage of the paradise of its crown beaches. The beaches, leisure, nature and discovery are currently the most flourishing “industries” of Boavista for the enjoyment of visitors and as labor warranty and a way of living of the natives. Praia de Chaves, Praia of Santa Monica, with 18 kilometers, and Praia de São Cristóvão are names of beaches known worldwide.

The end of an unforgettable evening, which justifies a dive or surf session, can be lived to the rhythm of the live music sessions at Sal Rei, followed by a lobster dish with a touch of Boavista, accompanied by a fabulous fish soup.

The sea, of course, is an irresistible magnet, but fans of swimming or bathing in perfect harmony with nature have at their disposal Olho do Mar or the Sea Eye, misleading name given to a natural pool of fresh water in a volcanic rock, to remember the origin of the island. In fact, looking at the horizon of dunes that one loses sight of, interspersed with small oases of date palms, few will be those who imagine that Boavista is in a volcanic cot.



It’s absolutely vital to book accommodation before traveling to Boa Vista.