Despite the moderating effect of the ocean and the trade winds, the climate of Cabo Verde retains the features of the sub-sahelian and tropical zone corresponding to it in Africa, in this case an arid or semi-arid climate.

The fluctuations of the air temperature and the water are minimal throughout the year, and both cases are located on an average always above 22 degrees centigrade. The average temperatures range from 22 degrees in the period corresponding to winter and 27 degrees in summer; the average water temperatures range between 22 degrees
in winter and 25 in summer. The sun is a constant presence throughout the year on an archipelago where the lack of rain is often a problem, generating true imagination wonders in the provisioning tasks of a liquid that is a precious commodity.

As is typical of tropical climates, there are in fact two seasons in Cabo Verde: the rainy season, from August to October; and the dry or breezy season from November to July. The most rugged islands, Santiago, Santo Antão and Fogo are none the less those that can least complain about the shortage of rainfall.