If you’re traveling on vacation to finally enjoy the leisure time you‘ve been waiting for solong; if you like sun and beach, long walks in touch with pure nature, play sports, enjoysongs that either moves you or makes you vibrate on a dance floor; if you want to tasteand enjoy unique, delicate, natural, traditional and unforgettable flavors; if you appreciatebeing with people who have the vocation to welcome you with fraternity, kindnessand captivating hospitality, then you shall look no further, Cabo Verde is your destination.
If you’re traveling and prefer destinations with social, political, economic stability andsecurity; If you like the unspoiled nature, adapted to your leisure desire, or a virgin andappealing nature, enriched by exchanges of history and cultures that have harmoniously been processing for centuries; if you’re looking for climatic nuances and adventure ranging from pure desert and the most lush tropical vegetation; if you want to unfold yourself from absolute to active pleasures, with pleasant swims and long walks where the view gets lost in endless landscapes, if you want to see magical seabed or the heights of a volcanic peak, then you can be assured that Cabo Verde is your destination.


If you´re traveling and it’s time to make an appointment with the magic of Africa, with the sensuality of sensitive, quiet, and peaceful people, ready to welcome you with openarms, if you want to find different images, emotions and senses of Africa in one onlyarchipelago, if you’re looking for the promised paradise but have not found it yet, make no mistake, Cabo Verde is your destination. In the middle of the Atlantic, Cabo Verde offers waters for all tastes, calm and warm, or rough and invigorating; providing you with miles of fine white sandy beaches as well as with unique black sandy beaches, with an undisguised volcanic mark, Cabo Verde is your destination.



Forget about the concept of beach in summertime because in Cabo Verde one can go to the beach all year round. There are 55 kilometers of beaches spread over 10 islands (9 inhabited) bathed by the Atlantic waters with temperatures that range between 22 and 25 degrees centigrade under average air temperatures of 22 and 27 degrees all year. The island of Sal with its breathtaking and irresistible bay of Santa Maria is a tourist reference of excellence in Cabo Verde. There are miles of white sand on the island that once lived on salt exploitation but today offers a pure, untouched nature while providing visitors with the refinement of hotels that are ready to guess their wishes. The island of Sal has become an increasingly known center for water sports, especially those that are driven by the winds, and it provides unique experiences to fans of swimming in natural pools where there was once exploitation of salt. The island of Boavista already rivals with the island of Sal in the ability to attract lovers
of beaches because besides the fact that it has the largest extension of sand of the archipelago, it has been equipped with structures that attract a growing number of visitors. It’s known as the Island of Morna, because it is said that the mournful rhythm, a landmark of Cabo Verde, of the salt workers of the old times, was born in the island, which is also known as the island of beaches, especially dedicated to the temptations and the pleasure of being alive. Sal, Boavista and Maio – three islands available to those who never get tired of beaches – , it’s no accident they call them the Sun Islands. It should not, however, be forgotten that, as far as beaches are concerned, in all nine inhabited islands of the archipelago, there are beaches that don’t have much to lose if compared to the aforementioned three, their discovery depending on the visitors’ choices and preference.


The natural nature is a scenario that awaits those who travel to Cabo Verde and like to explore places and landscapes that have not been spoiled yet. Diverse places and landscapes, a bit of everything is concentrated in this magical archipelago. What about the unimaginable Chã das Caldeiras, nearby the highest peak of the country, the peak of the island of Fogo on the island of the same name, at 2829 meters above sea level? And the
fabulous seabed, which can be parted by those who love beautiful clear waters or else explored by diving enthusiasts? Cabo Verde is a country where the rich landscape astonishes every visitor, not only from island to island but, as often happens, within each island. The archipelago is a paradisenfor fans of hiking or trekking; or for those who like to observe nature, to discover species of plants and animals which they do not usually see. The flora is as diverse as its origins, from the interior of Africa to the islands of Madeira and the Azores.

aveLess common birds, such as the grey headed kingfisher bird and pipits found their habitat here. Protected species such as dolphins and humpback whales, as well as other sea life that take advantage of the existing fabulous coral reefs, can be seen in the seas.
There are numerous natural parks and reserves where nature is preserved in its purest form, some in remote locations that require some effort by the visitor, who will end up
getting a deserved reward. Cabo Verde is the third of the top five places in the world for nesting sea turtles, especially the Caretta caretta or loggerhead. Some of these shrines, which can be visited by observing the protective measures due to the delicacy of the act, are located in the island of Maio, particularly in Baía de Santana or Santana Bay.



If you do not do away with the practice of conventional or extreme sports in your holidays, or if these activities are an inherent part of your life, as an amateur or a professional, Cabo Verde is a destination of choice and a real dream for the conditions it provides. The dry subtropical climate, tempered by the trade winds, guarantees mild temperatures throughout the year, thus becoming an ally of the lovers of water sports. If your preference is for surfing or windsurfing and kite surfing or any other variants that emerge from the imagination of sportsmen in their eagerness to excel in communion with nature, conditions capable of satisfying practitioners of all levels – from beginners to the most ambitious, abound in the archipelago. Lovers of fishing, swimming, and of the various diving modalities and levels find excellent conditions in Cabo Verde, corresponding to their expectations.


Morabeza … It’s a word without synonymous, it is something that cannot be explained, it’s a feeling; is a state of mind that, imperceptibly, emanates from the people of Cabo Verde and involves the visitors with such magic that integrates them and makes them realize soon that they will return, that this cannot be their only visit to the country. Morabeza is a word that evokes magic and is seasoned with the spontaneous and magnetic smile of the Cabo Verdeans, with their natural kindness, as well as with their ability to guess the wishes of those who visit their country, and to welcome in such a warmly way that is hard to be found anywhere else in the world.


Morabeza … is Cabo Verde, is contagious mystique born of the people and completes itself in the endless offerings of nature, in the warm or fervent rhythms of a song that is renewed in every note, in the rainbow of captivating flavors and tastes where experiences and secrets cross, in the sweet, dignified, proud and tolerant words that spring from writing, whether prose or verse, of a people who love the lyrics, culture and sharing stories of love, tradition, knowledge …



Cabo Verde is a sovereign Republic with a semi-presidential regime and a multiparty democratic system in which popular sovereignty based on four organs of power in accordance with the principle of separation of powers and independence of each. The four authorities are the President of the Republic, the National Assembly, the Government and the Courts.
The National Assembly, elected by direct universal suffrage, consists of 72 Members of Parliament, upon which is the liability to decide on structural issues of the country on
behalf of the voters. In Cabo Verde elections are held for the President of the Republic; to the National Assembly, with a mandate valid for five years; and for local authorities, who choose the representatives of local government, with a mandate of four years. Under the Constitution, in the general elections the highest representative of the largest party is in charge of forming government.


The Republic of Cabo Verde is, since independence in 1975, a country that registers high rates of economic growth, with inflation currently around 1.5% annually. According to forecasts of the World Bank, and despite the crisis in areas such as Europe, with which Cabo Verde keeps key economic relations, economic growth will be 3.0% in 2015, 3.4% in 2016 and 3, 5% in 2017. Political stability, strong investment in education and training and remittances of the emigrants are the linchpins of the successes recorded by Cabo Verde in the field of economic development. The Cape Verdean diaspora, which exceeds the number of inhabitants
of the archipelago, has traditionally had an affective and cooperative association with the country.
Cabo Verde is currently the fourth African country in quality of life index. Nevertheless, the successes and planned efforts that are being developed, the authorities and the population are aware that there is a long way to go. About 25% of the labor force of the country is unemployed, 14% of the population is very poor and 30% is poor, according to the World Bank statistics.


A small archipelago, a great literature, a full, active and remarkable culture. Poetry, novels, short stories, popular wisdom, romance, Cape Verdean literature has deep roots and a vibrant relevancy.